The Indianapolis 500 is less than six weeks away and Fernando Alonso is getting himself prepped up to compete in the races.

However, there have been mixed reactions trailing the decision of the McLaren team driver to compete in the Indy 500.

One of those who did not believe the story of Alonso getting into the Indy 500 whilst passing up the Monaco Grand Prix was Rubens Barrichello. In fact, when the news first came to his ear, he thought it was a hoax. And it wasn’t only him that had such thoughts.

Barrichello,who in 2012tried IndyCar racingafter his own F1 career ran out of steam, is full of surprise that Alonso would prefer to choose theperils of Indy over the plum Monaco race.

Zac Brown,McLaren’s executive director recently made a revelation that before the start of the season, the idea of Alonso racing in the Indy 500 was initially made in a joking fashion. He one day in an off-handedly manner had said that the two should maybe do the 500 together sometime later on. (more…)

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