Rubens Barrichello Enjoying Indy Car

Former Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello absolutely loves his new life at the Indy Car circuit and is enjoying every moment of it, according to a recent interview. Speaking on his first race in Texas, United States of America, and the former Ferrari driver stated that apart from driving around the course in may, he had very little experience of what to expect from the track but did mention that he was learning things fast and like the other drivers, he is also very much pleased to be a part of it now.

When asked whether he had seen anything that comes close to this in his life before, the wily Brazilian said that it was at the Monza circuit, while stuck in traffic, he added with a smile. When asked how he would rate the season has gone for him so far, Rubens Barrichello was at his diplomatic best, making clear that although he did not have the fastest car and a rookie as a partner. But he did add that enjoyed his time behind the wheels so far and with Detroit coming next, he needs to learn the tricks quickly in order to make it count.

He admitted that his experience in Formula 1 counted for nothing here as Indy Car Racing and Formula 1 are worlds apart. He mentioned that he had been warned that he would feel sick when he got out of the car and Barrichello admits that although he didn’t feel sick, he felt the world moving a bit too fast for his liking.

Rubens Barrichello left Formula 1 after a decade in the sport last year and as Juan Pablo Montoya joined NASCAR, the Brazilian signed up with Indy Car Racing and although he is yet to make a mark, he is hopeful of doing so in the near future.


Former Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello will drive in the United States based IndyCar racing after failing to get a seat in the Formula 1 seat for 2012 season. The 39 year old Brazilian is one of the most experienced drivers in Formula 1 history with three hundred and twenty two race starts. In the IndCar racing, he will race for the KV Racing team.

In the past, the Brazilian had promised his wife that he will never be a part of IndyCar racing as this race carries higher amount of risks with high speed oval tracks. Rubens Barrichello told that he will began as a rookie, but he thinks that he will get better. The total number of full oval racing tracks has been largely reduces from this year’s racing calendar, but four tracks are still there with the very famous Indianapolis 500.

The decision taken by Rubens Barrichello was very harder after the multi car crash at the season finale last year that claimed Dan Wheldon’s life. Barrichello tells that his sons convinced his wife that he must go to the United States to pursue a career. He added that they were watching a race in an oval track and suddenly there was an accident, Barrichello’s wife looked at him and told that he should never do that. He replied that he did not plan to do that because he would race in Formula 1 for twenty-five years.

In his 19 year Formula 1 career, Barrichello won eleven grand prix races. He drove for teams like Stewart, Jordan, Williams, Honda, Brawn and most importantly Ferrari. He told that he is thrilled about his new deal.