Rubens Barrichello Enlightens Fans About Old And New Race Car Components

The best part about F1 and celebrity drivers like Ruben is the wonderful cars and their accessories they get to drive and experience.

F1cars and associated technology has been on the rise and evolution in this stream of innovations has been rapid. If you look at the steering wheel that was used in the nineties compared to the modern ones, you will realize the gap and giant leaps that technology has taken. Rubens Barrichello might have retired from F1 since 2011 but he still enjoys the possessions that he owns or the cars that he remains associated with.

Ruben lost his seat from being part of William’s team. His racing career had been a long one, from 1993 which ended in 2011. For him, the progress of technology has been amazing that he has witnessed up close. F1 at that time offered launch control, traction control and active suspensions as well as ABS. (more…)

[rFactor] Total Jordan-Peugeot 195 @ Paul Ricard with Rubens Barrichello | Mod F1 OR 1995 [HD]

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Rubens Barrichello – Brazillian Car Driver

Rubens Barrichello is a Brazilian race car driver best known for his time spent in Formula One with Ferrari. He raced in the top motorsport competition for eighteen years between 1993 and 2011 before leaving for the Indy Car Series after losing his racing seat with Williams.

However, his time at the Indy Car Series did not go according to plan and after just one season and failure to find a team, he returned home to race in the Brazilian Stock Car V8 Series where he became the champion in 2014 when he was driving for Full Time Sports.

The Brazilian has scored the tenth highest Formula One Drivers’ World Championship points in history. Between 2000 and 2005, he drove for the legendary Ferrari team as a teammate for Michael Schumacher, and enjoyed considerable success with the Italian team, finishing runners up to the German on two occasions in 2002 and 2004. He also finished third in 2003 and 2009.

During the six years Rubens Barrichello spent at Ferrari, the team won the Formula One Constructors’ World Championship five times. Barrichello left Ferrari at the end of the 2005 season to sign a deal with Honda. Following the retirement of Schumacher in 2006, he became the most experienced driver on the grid at the time, before becoming the most experienced driver in the history of Formula One in 2008. (more…)

Alonso Misses The Test Since He Is Out Of Hospital

Alonso has been out of hospital after his crash in the testing. He is now in Spain which is his family home for recuperation and rest. Testing session of the third and final will be missed by him that is going to start on Thursday at Barcelona.

Testing duties will be shared by Jenson Button with Kevin Magnussen according to McLaren at the Circuit de Catalunya where the accident of Alonso took place.

On the 15th of March, Season of Formula 1 is getting underway in Australia. It was concussion that Alonso suffered from following his crash on a wall due to which he had to be sedated to be taken to the hospital by airlifting. According the McLaren the results show that his condition is normal and Alonso’s picture was also posted with him sitting on the hospital bed by his social manager.

McLaren states that media speculation has nothing true in their story which is going around as he had suffered electric shock in the car. Questions are rising regarding the consequence of the accident and his duration of stay in the hospital but McLaren along with his team have been quite vocal about the whole situation throughout. A comprehensive investigation will be conducted by the FIA to know about the accident. (more…)