Jenson Button, McLaren’s Honda F1 team driver who announced his retirement from F1 at the end of this season way back in August, finally called the curtain down on his career after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held on Sunday.

In an interview granted recently, Jenson Button had made it known that one of his best partner throughout his career was Rubens Barrichello. The duo had spent about four seasons with the McLaren squad and were good partners.

Jenson Button had this to say about Barrichello,

“Without a doubt, Rubens Barrichello is the best partner. We worked together for four years, spoke to Brawn GP, where he fought for the title.

“Rubens taught me a lot in terms of technical operation with the machine. He was a master at fine tuning.

“Alonso is good in this respect, but Rubens is just in another League. Now I know why Schumacher was so fond of to work with this guy.”

In the past, Ruben also spoke highly of Button, stating that he had what can be described more like as “a great feeling for what the car is doing”.

While still on Button, Barrichello had said that every smooth driver has a good feeling for whatever would be done by the back end.

He had also noted that Button does well in mixed conditions and while for other people, things happen quite too fast, it is different for Button as he believes that JB as he fondly calls him, is able to see what a car can do ahead of time.

The duo had been team mates back in 2009 when their privateer Brawn team had unexpectedly won the title. In his own right, Barrichello had equally been a very good driver, but he never got close to beating Button.