Barrichello At Le Mans This Year

Barrichello might not be a regular name in the F1 tracks anymore, but he has started to become a name to contend with in the Le Mans series.

There is news that he would be teaming up with Jan Lammers to take part in Le Mans Series as well as in Le Mans 24 Hours this year. The drivers would have a Dallara LMP2 car as they ride in the European car rallies.

The pair is both F1 drivers of past fame. They are now part of a new team called Racing Team Nederland. It is a team that has been newly formed who first participated in the Brazilian race held at La Sarthe. Their team owner is Frits van Eerd. These races are of a different kind, endurance race category as opposed to the fast paced F1 races of short duration. Barrichello has developed his expertise in endurance racing as he has participated in the Daytona 24 Hour contest several times. (more…)


Reuben Barichello is set to appear at the world KZ kart event to be held in December.

The former formula 1 driver with the Ferrari team has said he will be contesting at the CIK-FIA world championship in Sweden.

Barichello will be contesting at the event with the Birtel ream and he seemed to be anticipating the event as he is very enthusiastic about it. The world championship for shifter karts was won in 2013 by max Verstappen before his graduation to cars.

While this may be an unusual step for a formula 1 retiree, Barichello will not be the first driver who had participated in f1 to have entered the event. The most recent of which was Jaime alguersuari, a former driver with the Toro Rosso team who had competed in 2013.

In an interview addressing his decision to participate, Barichello said;

“I am delighted to have accepted the invitation to become part of this great team, at 44 years of age, I never thought of competing in a Karting Championship and when I told my children, they were very enthusiastic.”

He went ahead to say that he was anticipating the race as it will provide him an international platform. (more…)


Jenson Button, McLaren’s Honda F1 team driver who announced his retirement from F1 at the end of this season way back in August, finally called the curtain down on his career after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix held on Sunday.

In an interview granted recently, Jenson Button had made it known that one of his best partner throughout his career was Rubens Barrichello. The duo had spent about four seasons with the McLaren squad and were good partners.

Jenson Button had this to say about Barrichello,

“Without a doubt, Rubens Barrichello is the best partner. We worked together for four years, spoke to Brawn GP, where he fought for the title.

“Rubens taught me a lot in terms of technical operation with the machine. He was a master at fine tuning.

“Alonso is good in this respect, but Rubens is just in another League. Now I know why Schumacher was so fond of to work with this guy.” (more…)

Rubens Fans Remember Podium Win

If you are a fan of Rubens Barrichello you will remember the day he finally obtained the title in 2000 German Grand Prix.

It was definitely one of the feats worth remembering. It was as if the day had been etched out for him in the rain. Indeed, it took him seven years, but he was able to break through his bad luck eventually. He ended his career after having gathered eleven wins. He was positioned as one of the top three in 2009 in the world championship rankings. However, it was not easy for Ruben to find the way to reach the podium. F1 history saw his maiden success story worth remembering.

Barrichello has always had the reputation of being a good guy and being an integral part of the Ferrari team. He was part of Michael Schumacher’s division and 2000 was the year when he joined Ferrari by replacing Eddie Irvine. (more…)

Rubens Barrichello Enlightens Fans About Old And New Race Car Components

The best part about F1 and celebrity drivers like Ruben is the wonderful cars and their accessories they get to drive and experience.

F1cars and associated technology has been on the rise and evolution in this stream of innovations has been rapid. If you look at the steering wheel that was used in the nineties compared to the modern ones, you will realize the gap and giant leaps that technology has taken. Rubens Barrichello might have retired from F1 since 2011 but he still enjoys the possessions that he owns or the cars that he remains associated with.

Ruben lost his seat from being part of William’s team. His racing career had been a long one, from 1993 which ended in 2011. For him, the progress of technology has been amazing that he has witnessed up close. F1 at that time offered launch control, traction control and active suspensions as well as ABS. (more…)

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